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Google Maps Starts Sharing Phone Battery Life When Users Share Their Location

 Google has reported adding a clever element to its Google Maps clients that incorporates the battery level (of the client's telephone) in the arrangement of data that they share. 

"When you share your area with somebody in the Google Maps application, it appears on your companion's guide, which they can use to find precisely where you are. With the new refresh of battery incorporation, it has turned out to be anything but difficult to explain why somebody hasn't called to let you know whether they're lost or at long last made it to their goal," The Verge detailed late on Thursday. 

The element has a major potential with regards to the security of clients. 

"You'll have the capacity to watch out for how much battery life they have cleared out. Presently, there won't be as much reason for stress if somebody's area drops off in light of the fact that you'll have the capacity to know whether it could simply be on the grounds that their telephone passed on," the report included. 

The element was first seen in February by tech site Android Police when it completed a teardown of the Google Maps v9.71 beta


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